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Vehicle Graphic Templates

Good vehicle templates are essential tools to help make wrap projects more efficient right from the start. They can be helpful every step of the way - from drafting and measuring to designing, presentation, and application.

Our vehicle templates utilize raster photographic images. Each template is built from a high-resolution photograph, and each is meticulously measured to be accurate within a quarter of an inch.

Any graphic can be dragged and dropped into the template for the fastest, most life-like preview possible. Minimal Photoshop expereince is needed to easily design and edit using the templates. In addition, a separate layer allows the designs to be proofed with or without perforated window film.

Our vehicle template collection contains more than 40 brands and 300 vehicles. If you are going to design a vehicle wrap for your own car or for your client's fleet, contact us to find out whether we have the templates that you may need!

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