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Price List Update

Thursday, July 19, 2018

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Cheque Products:

- Manual Cheques
- Laser & Continuous Cheques
- Deposit Books - Call

Key Chains / Lapel Pins:

- Key Chain Products
- Lapel Pins

Sign Products:

- Roll Up Banners & Stands
- Event Tents
- Tension Fabric Display
- Workplace Signs
- Custom Sandwich A Boards & A Frames with Inserts
- Plasticade A Boards & Wind Sign Frames

Promotional Floor Mats:

- Introduction
- Pricing - Promo Floor Mats (with Spot Color Flocked Imprint)

Rubber Stamps & Embossing Seals:

- Pre-Inked, Self Inking, and Traditional Rubber Stamps
- Embossing Seals

Decals / Labels:

- Custom Decals (Spot Color) (Outdoor or Indoor)
- Custom Decals (Full Color) (Indoor or Medium Term Outdoor)
- Custom Decals (Full Color) (Longer Term Outdoor)
- Window Decals (White Double-Sided, Adhesive)
- Window Decals (Spot Color) (Clear Cling - Static Back/Face)
- Window Decals (Full Color) (Clear Cling - Static Face)
- Window Decals (Full Color) (Clear Cling - Static Face)
- Window Decals (White Double-Sided, Static Cling)
- Bumper Decals(Removable White Vinyl)
- Service Decals (Automobile Industry)(Spot Color)
- Service Decals (Automobile Industry)(Full Color)
- Domed Decals (Full Color)
- Domed Decals (Spot Color)
- Debossed Decals (Spot Color)
- Pre-DieCut Laser Labels


- Regular Plastic Bookmarks
- Punched Clip Plastic Bookmarks
- Magnetic Bookmarks

Coffee Mugs

- Budget Mugs (White)
- Budget Mugs (Colors)

Mouse Pads / Counter Mats / Rubber Pads

- Slimline Mouse Mats
- Traditional Mouse Pads
- Sealed Edge Mouse Pads
- Counter Mats
- Rubber Mats

Plastic Cards:

- Econo Plastic Wallet Cards (Special Price)
- Regular Plastic Wallet Cards
- Clear Plastic Wallet Cards & Business Cards
- Premium Plastic Wallet Cards
- 0.030 Premium Plastic Wallet Cards (with Special Features)

Metal Plate:

- Metal Plates


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